66 in spanish

66 In Spanish

Did you know that 21 countries have Spanish listed as an official language…

So how do you say 66 in Spanish? The English to Spanish translation of (Sixty-Six) is sesenta y seis.

The number Sixty-Six in Spanish is easy to pronounce and with a little practice you will be able to use it in many sentences.

The audio file below will assist you with remembering and pronouncing sesenta y seis…

Female saying sesenta y seis

Here are a few sentences that contain the number 66:

  • Mi escuela está a sesenta y seis millas de distancia – in English this is translated to: My school is sixty-six miles away.
  • Trabajé sesenta y seis horas esta semana – In English this means: I worked sixty-six hours this week.

In Closing

I hope you are now comfortable saying 66 in Spanish. With a little daily practice you will be able to master the Spanish language.

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