52 in spanish

52 in Spanish – The Proper Way To Say it

Did you know that the Spanish language inverts the question and exclamation marks…

So how do you say 52 in Spanish? The English to Spanish translation of (Fifty-Two) is cincuenta y dos.

You will find that Fifty-Two in Spanish is pretty easy to pronounce, so you will master this number in no time.

I have included an audio file below that will help you say cincuenta y dos…

Female saying cincuenta y dos

Here are a few easy to remember sentences that contain the number 52:

  • Hoy cumplo cincuenta y dos años. – in English this is translated to: Today I turn fifty-two.
  • Hoy caminé cincuenta y dos millas. – In English this means: Today I walked fifty-two miles.

In Closing

I hope you are now able to say 52 in Spanish. Review the above audio file a few more times if you are having trouble.

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