51 in spanish

51 In Spanish – The Correct Way To Say It

So how do you say 51 in Spanish? The English to Spanish translation of (Fifty-One) is cincuenta y uno.

You’ll find that Fifty-One in Spanish is pretty easy to say, so you’ll master this number in no time.

I have included an audio file below that will help you to say cincuenta y uno…

Female saying cincuenta y uno

Here are a few sample sentences that contain the number 51:

  • Hoy cumplo cincuenta y un años. – in English this is translated to: Today I turn fifty-one.
  • Hice cincuenta y un nuevos amigos este año – In English this means: I made fifty-one new friends this year.

In Closing

I hope you can now say 51 in Spanish. Review this post often if you are still having problems saying this number.

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