48 in spanish

48 In Spanish – This Is How You Say It

Did you know that over 500 million people worldwide speak Spanish fluently…

So how exactly do you say 48 in Spanish? The English to Spanish translation of (Forty-Eight) is Cuarenta y ocho.

You’ll find that Forty-Eight in Spanish is super simple to say and with a little practice you’ll be able to remember it.

I have included an audio file below that will help you pronounce Cuarenta y ocho…

Female saying Cuarenta y ocho

Here are a few simple sentences that contain the number 48:

  • Hoy caminé durante cuarenta y ocho minutos. – in English this is translated to: Today I walked for forty-eight minutes.
  • Hoy hablé con mi amigo durante cuarenta y ocho minutos. – In English this means: Today I talked to my friend for forty-eight minutes.

In Closing

I hope you can now say 48 in Spanish. Be patient and with a little practice you will master this number and many more.

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